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Stein-Lynch Casino Clash

The casino echoed with the clash between Stein and Lynch, a spectacle for onlookers. As voices rose, the clash became the night’s focus. Security moved swiftly to defuse the clash, ensuring the casino’s glittering lights outshone the evening’s discord. Witnesses buzzed about the Stein-Lynch clash long after.

In a surprising turn of events, Alex Stein, the star of Prime Time #99, found himself in a heated altercation with NFL legend Marshawn Lynch while at a Las Vegas casino. The incident led to Stein being escorted out of the casino, and it has sparked discussions about potential legal actions.

Stein has shared parts of the altercation through video footage. In the video, Stein can be heard excitedly addressing Lynch and attempting to capture a selfie. However, Lynch’s reaction was far from what Stein expected, leading to a surreal confrontation.

Marshawn Lynch appears to reach out and slap Stein’s camera in one part of the video, and in another, Stein can be seen quickly walking away from Lynch while repeatedly stating, “I don’t want any beef.” Lynch continues to pursue Stein, shouting, “wassup, hey, wassup.”

This situation escalated to the point where casino security escorted Stein out of the establishment, as captured in the footage.

Stein provided an exclusive interview to The Post Millennial in which he recounted what transpired before and after the posted footage. According to Stein, the incident began when he, a self-described fan of Lynch, approached the former NFL player at the New York, New York Casino in Las Vegas to request a selfie.

It’s important to note that Lynch is known for refusing photo requests with adult men, and this request seemed to anger him. Stein expressed his shock and fear regarding how the situation escalated, mentioning that Lynch became more confrontational than he had expected.

Stein stated, “What makes me so mad about it is all the bad stuff happened off-camera. I didn’t know it was gonna go like that. I didn’t think all of a sudden he was going to start assaulting me and chasing me through a casino. I thought he would just kind of clown me or just basically ignore me. But instead of ignoring me, he engaged with me more than I wanted to engage.”

Stein expressed genuine fear during the altercation, despite his previous experiences in situations where he faced physical confrontations from various activist groups. He mentioned that Lynch appeared to be completely out of touch with reality and unconcerned about potential legal consequences. Stein emphasized, “He was just so out of touch with reality. Like, I could just tell this guy did not care if he got arrested.”

After the short video ended, Stein attempted to continue filming, but Lynch started grabbing for his phone, preventing him from doing so. Stein described this part of the confrontation, saying, “So at one point, he had my hand and my phone gripped. He has these boxing glove-sized hands that are bigger than mine and strong.”

Eventually, Stein managed to break away and found refuge behind a roulette table, fearing another attack by Lynch. The bizarre atmosphere continued as onlookers in the casino recognized Marshawn Lynch, showing excitement despite the tense situation.

Stein also expressed concerns about the presence of Lynch’s companions during the incident, mentioning that Lynch wasn’t alone. This added to the overall tension of the situation.

After being escorted out of the casino by security, Stein left in a taxi, but the story took another twist. A suspicious vehicle began following him, causing further anxiety.

Marshawn Lynch, known for his impressive 12-season NFL career, has since ventured into acting and recently appeared in the LGBTQ-themed movie “BOTTOMS.” In this film, Lynch plays an eccentric teacher named Mr. G, with memorable lines and scenes that are distinct from his football persona.

Following this confrontation, Stein contacted the New York, New York Las Vegas Hotel & Casino to request the preservation of security footage related to the incident. His lawyer emphasized that “Alex is a fan of Mr. Lynch” and that the episode was surreal, expressing relief that no one was hurt.

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