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iResearch Services Report: Combating Misinformation

London, April 26, 2023 – In the battle against misinformation, the latest report from iResearch Services underscores the pivotal role of thought leadership. Titled “Leading Lights: Harnessing Thought Leadership Superpowers for Commercial and Cultural Success,” this report draws insights from 4000 business leaders across 22 diverse countries, delving into their perceptions of thought leadership and its applications within their organizations. The iResearch Services report reveals a resounding consensus, with 84% of individuals who engage with thought leadership acknowledging its potential as an effective weapon against misinformation when integrated into a comprehensive strategy.

A significant 53% of respondents express a preference for content founded on research, considering it the most trustworthy. This is closely followed by content featuring informed opinions (48%) and encompassing diverse perspectives (43%).

These revelations come at a critical juncture, as an overwhelming 94% of business leaders perceive misinformation as a substantial threat to their enterprises. However, only 37% of them feel well-prepared to confront this challenge effectively.

Yogesh Shah, CEO of iResearch Services, underscores the significance of thought leadership in the fight against fake news: “Fake news is pervasive, growing increasingly sophisticated, especially with the advent of new AI tools like ChatGPT. Business leaders are now realizing the profound ramifications it can have on their operations. Thought leadership, when reinforced by research and supported by facts, stands as a potent tool to counter this menace. It enables organizations to demonstrate their seriousness and expertise in their respective fields, ultimately proving their mettle.”

About iResearch Services

iResearch Services is a global thought leadership agency rooted in data and insights. Research forms the core of our operations, and our research-based knowledge empowers brands to connect with their audiences, foster digital trust, and earn recognition as thought leaders. Thought leadership positions brands from various sectors as influential authorities, enabling them to articulate impactful opinions and insights. Our comprehensive suite of services, spanning research, thought leadership, activation, and lead generation strategies, makes us the preferred thought leadership partner for clients in the technology, financial, and professional services sectors.

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