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Sandra Huard

Sandra Huard is a journalist at Insider Reporter, known for her diverse reporting portfolio. She writes on a wide array of topics including digital marketing, sports, finance, internet issues like the dark web, business, investing, personal finance, and parenting. Her work often touches on the latest trends and insights in these areas, demonstrating her versatility and depth in journalism. Huard's articles offer readers a comprehensive understanding of various subjects, reflecting her ability to engage with a broad range of themes relevant in today's world.


Massive Computer System


The Cyber Incident at CDK Global On Wednesday, a widespread cyber incident at CDK Global, a critical data provider, led to substantial operational disruptions...

Vladimir Putin Vladimir Putin


Putin’s Quest for More Arms and Less Ostracism In the current geopolitical climate, Vladimir Putin’s strategic maneuvering is driven by a pressing need to...

Weather Conditions Weather Conditions


The Causes and Impact of Droughts Droughts are complex phenomena resulting from a combination of natural and human-induced factors. Climatic variability plays a significant...

global economic growth global economic growth


Revised Economic Growth Projections and Underlying Factors The World Bank has updated its global economic growth projection for 2024, revising it upward from 2.4%...

Mark Wahlberg’s Mark Wahlberg’s


Diverse Ventures: Wahlburgers and Aquahydrate Mark Wahlberg’s impressive $400 million business empire is a testament to his strategic investments and entrepreneurial spirit. Among his...

IKEA virtual store IKEA virtual store


IKEA’s Innovative Approach to Remote Work In an unprecedented move, IKEA has launched a virtual store on Roblox, becoming the first brand to offer...