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Barbara Dorsey

Barbara Dorsey is a versatile journalist associated with Insider Reporter, where she covers a diverse range of topics. Her work spans various fields such as business, finance, world news, environmental sustainability, technology, and medical science. Some of her notable articles include insights on the latest trends in finance and investment, the impact of digital transformation on healthcare technology, and the global efforts in climate change and environmental conservation. Dorsey's articles reflect a depth of understanding and a commitment to covering significant and current issues in these sectors

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Sandra Huard

Sandra Huard is a journalist at Insider Reporter, known for her diverse reporting portfolio. She writes on a wide array of topics including digital marketing, sports, finance, internet issues like the dark web, business, investing, personal finance, and parenting. Her work often touches on the latest trends and insights in these areas, demonstrating her versatility and depth in journalism. Huard's articles offer readers a comprehensive understanding of various subjects, reflecting her ability to engage with a broad range of themes relevant in today's world.

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