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Extradition Hearing Delayed for Australian Citizen Facing US Charges

In a case marked by complexity and high stakes, Daniel Edmund Duggan, a 55-year-old Australian citizen, faces potential extradition to the United States. The charges against him relate to alleged breaches of US arms trafficking laws during his tenure as a US military pilot. Duggan is accused of providing training to Chinese pilots while working at a South African flight school in the early 2010s.

The legal saga, which has unfolded over the past year, took a new turn as an extradition hearing scheduled for November was postponed for an additional six months. This delay is attributed to the need to obtain crucial material from government agencies specializing in defense and intelligence.

Daniel Duggan, who became an Australian citizen in 2012, was arrested in October 2022 in a supermarket car park in central-west New South Wales at the request of US authorities. He staunchly denies the allegations against him.

Trent Glover, representing the US, informed Sydney’s Downing Centre Local Court that an agreement had been reached to exclude extradition considerations from the November hearing. Instead, the focus will be on obtaining essential documents from Commonwealth agencies, including classified files from the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security, an entity responsible for reviewing the activities of Australia’s intelligence agencies.

Glover stressed the importance of providing advance notice to the concerned agencies, acknowledging that objections might arise concerning the issuance of these summons. He reiterated the US’s readiness to proceed with the case.

While Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus approved the US extradition request in December, a local court magistrate has yet to determine Duggan’s eligibility for transfer. The court is now slated to evaluate Duggan’s extradition eligibility in May 2024.

Throughout this trying ordeal, Duggan’s wife, Saffron Duggan, has maintained that the allegations are politically motivated, unproven, and dated back over a decade. She hopes that Prime Minister Anthony Albanese will raise her husband’s case with US President Joe Biden during their state visit, advocating against her husband’s extradition.

As Daniel Duggan remains in maximum-security prison, his future hangs in the balance, awaiting the outcome of legal proceedings spanning international borders.

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