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Handyman Refuses to Serve Jewish Clients in Solidarity with Palestinian Cause

Taking a Stand for Solidarity

Melquisedec Francis, who holds the title of “elite tasker” on TaskRabbit, made his stance clear on social media. In his LinkedIn post, he stated, “I am expressing my solidarity with the Palestinian People until the war in Gaza is resolved. And as a result, I am currently not offering my services to the Jewish Community.”

This bold declaration was met with a mix of responses, with one Jewish LinkedIn user expressing concerns about the potential repercussions for Francis’ career.

Apology and Clarification

Recognizing the controversy surrounding his decision, Francis followed up with an apology in his LinkedIn post. He expressed regret if anyone felt offended or if his actions were misconstrued. He clarified that his intention was to protest the ongoing Gaza conflict rather than target the Jewish community.

Francis extended his well-wishes to the Jewish community, saying, “God be with you all.”

TaskRabbit Takes Action

TaskRabbit, the popular handyman hiring platform, was quick to respond to the situation. Upon becoming aware of Francis’ actions, they deactivated his account. In a statement, TaskRabbit made it clear that they do not condone any form of discrimination, including antisemitism, on their platform.

TaskRabbit also stated, “We want to reiterate that TaskRabbit does not condone discrimination of any kind, including antisemitism, on our platform. We immediately took action to ensure TaskRabbit remains a safe place for all users.”

Francis Responds to Account Deactivation

In the wake of his account deactivation, Melquisedec Francis addressed the situation on LinkedIn once again. He emphasized that he does not support either Hamas or Israel and that his decision was driven by a desire to protest the war in Gaza.

He asserted, “I did not offend, insult, nor deny my services to any Jewish. I was taken off the platform for saying that in order to protest the war in Gaza, and until the war in Gaza comes to a conclusion, I won’t confirm job requests from the Jewish Community.”

Francis also expressed his frustration with the situation, pointing out that his unemployment 

would not change the broader world’s ongoing conflicts.

Melquisedec Francis’ decision to decline jobs from Jewish clients in solidarity with the Palestinian cause has sparked a conversation about the boundaries between personal beliefs and professional conduct. TaskRabbit’s swift response to deactivate his account underscores their commitment to maintaining an inclusive and non-discriminatory platform.

The situation serves as a reminder of the importance of open dialogue and understanding in addressing complex geopolitical issues without impacting innocent individuals and communities.

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