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Indonesia Resumes Australian Live Cattle Exports

In early August, Indonesia had suspended the import of live cattle from four Australian facilities after a small number of Australian cattle were found to be affected by the disease. Lumpy skin disease, transmitted through insect bites, is highly infectious and impacts cattle and buffalo, causing blisters and reducing milk production. It is important to note that this disease does not pose any risk to humans.

Federal Agriculture Minister Murray Watt welcomed the decision to lift the suspension, allowing the live cattle and buffalo export trade from Australia to Indonesia to resume. He emphasized Australia’s commitment to maintaining a disease-free status and the extensive testing carried out across Northern Australia to verify the absence of lumpy skin disease.

The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry confirmed the cancellation of the ban after technical discussions with Indonesian authorities and the provision of negative test results for lumpy skin disease in Australian cattle and buffalo from recent investigations. Acting deputy secretary of the Agricultural Trade Group, Nicola Hinder, reiterated that LSD has never been detected in Australia, reaffirming the country’s disease-free status.

The Australian government and industry welcomed Indonesia’s decision to lift the suspension on four registered establishments, along with restrictions on an additional three registered establishments. The Department of Agriculture will continue its engagement with stakeholders to assure trading partners of Australia’s animal health status.

This development follows a similar decision by Malaysia to lift its ban on all live cattle exports from Australia, further facilitating the resumption of live cattle trade between these countries.

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