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Peaky Blinders Team Denounces Ron DeSantis’ Campaign Ad Featuring Show Footage

The team behind the hit TV series “Peaky Blinders” has expressed strong disapproval of a campaign ad by Ron DeSantis, the Governor of Florida and a 2024 presidential hopeful, which used footage from the show in a misleading manner.

Ron DeSantis, the Florida Governor and a potential 2024 presidential candidate, has faced backlash from the team behind the acclaimed series “Peaky Blinders” for the use of show footage in a controversial campaign ad.

The ad was released to mark the end of Pride Month. DeSantis is known for his “anti-woke” stance and has been criticized for his perceived opposition to the LGBTQI+ community.

The video initially featured his Republican opponent and former US President Donald Trump making supportive comments regarding the LGBTQI+ community. It then transitioned to a montage of images featuring DeSantis alongside various film and TV characters, coupled with headlines discussing Florida’s controversial anti-trans and drag queen laws.

The contentious ad notably incorporated scenes from the British TV series “Peaky Blinders,” specifically featuring Cillian Murphy’s character, Thomas Shelby.

The official Twitter account of “Peaky Blinders” responded to the video, disapproving of its message and confirming that the use of Murphy’s character’s footage was done “without permission or official license.” The statement further clarified that the team behind the show does not endorse the ad’s narrative and strongly condemns the utilization of the content in this manner.

Amidst the backlash, several individuals humorously invoked the famous “By order of the Peaky Blinders” line in support of the show’s statement.

In addition to “Peaky Blinders,” the ad also featured clips from movies such as “Troy” with Brad Pitt, “The Wolf of Wall Street” with Leonardo DiCaprio, and, somewhat perplexingly, “American Psycho” with Christian Bale. Additionally, images of shirtless bodybuilders were included.

The ad was met with criticism even before the “Peaky Blinders” team expressed their disapproval. Journalist Jonathan Swan of The New York Times described it as “one of the weirdest videos” he had ever seen from a politician. He also noted the juxtaposition of images of DeSantis with shirtless and masked men, which did not seem to convey the intended anti-LGBTQ message.

Pete Buttigieg, the US Secretary of Transport and the first openly gay cabinet member, offered his thoughts on the ad, emphasizing the need to consider who the ad was meant to benefit. The Log Cabin Republicans, a GOP-affiliated group advocating for the LGBTQ+ community, also criticized the ad, stating that it did not align with the majority of the Republican Party’s stance on equal rights and treatment for LGBTQ individuals.

Ron DeSantis, who officially entered the race for the Republican presidential nomination, faces challenges in his campaign, with polls indicating he lags behind former President Donald Trump. Despite a previous friendship, the two have become rivals as DeSantis was once seen as a frontrunner for the 2024 White House bid.

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