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Seattle Man Charged with Murder While Awaiting Child Rape Sentence

In a shocking turn of events, a Seattle man is facing murder charges while awaiting sentencing for a conviction related to child rape.

The suspect, identified as John P. Curran, 42, had previously been charged with child rape in Seattle, stemming from his time as a volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club. Currently, he faces charges of child rape and child molestation in Snohomish County, with his sentencing scheduled for October 18.

According to the charging documents related to the child rape case, Curran, who served as a volleyball coach, was accused of sexually assaulting a teenage girl in both Everett and Seattle. Despite the serious nature of these charges, he was released from custody on personal recognizance in March 2022.

Court records obtained by The Post Millennial reveal that Curran was arrested on Wednesday morning and booked into the King County jail on charges of second-degree murder. This charge is connected to the alleged killing of his girlfriend, which occurred in their home on September 29.

The King County Medical Examiner’s Office determined that the victim’s death was a homicide, caused by internal bleeding resulting from extensive injuries sustained through blunt force trauma.

According to the police investigation, Curran initially claimed that his girlfriend had fallen off the bed after consuming alcohol and had hit her eye on a cinder block the night before her death.

However, investigators allege that Curran had taken videos of the victim while she was unconscious on the floor, making inappropriate comments while narrating them.

In an attempt to evade responsibility, Curran also falsely asserted that his girlfriend had been abducted and sexually assaulted by men in Shoreline. When confronted by the findings of the medical examiner, he eventually admitted that the couple had been involved in an argument that fateful night.

Although Curran declined to appear at his court hearing, a King County judge set bail at $3 million.

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