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Strategic Financing Move Elevates The Hawks Pvt Ltd in Fuel Distribution Market

The Hawks Pvt Ltd: Fueling Progress and Expansion

The Hawks Pvt Ltd serves a broad clientele, delivering premium fuel solutions to over 452 local businesses, including resort hotels, super yachts, and navy vessels. Leveraging the newly acquired credit facility, The Hawks Pvt Ltd has expanded its operational capacity with the purchase of “Bro Developer,” a 2007 oil and chemical tanker with a 15,000 DWT capacity. This acquisition, from Maersk – one of the largest global logistics companies – represents a significant leap forward, enhancing The Hawks’ service delivery and market position across the Maldives and the broader Indian Ocean region.

RCP Finance: Diversifying and Growing

This deal is a testament to RCP Finance’s versatility and growth, showcasing its ability to operate across various sectors. With roots in luxury real estate and private client services, the firm is now making significant strides in the oil and gas, infrastructure, mining, and maritime sectors. This expansion is further exemplified by the recent addition of Régis Castro, a seasoned investment banker with over two decades of experience, who joins the team as Partner and Head of Structuring.

Building Global Connections for Tailored Financing Solutions

RCP Finance is renowned for its extensive network of banks, funds, family offices, and lending institutions worldwide. This network enables the firm to offer bespoke financing solutions, meeting the unique needs of its clients and facilitating strategic growth.

Leadership Perspectives: Celebrating a Milestone

Hussain Aman, Managing Director of The Hawks Pvt Ltd., expressed his satisfaction with the transaction and the enhanced capabilities it brings to the company. He also extended his gratitude to RCP Finance for their pivotal role in securing the financing needed for this expansion.

Christopher Khoi, Founder of RCP Finance, highlighted the significance of the deal, emphasizing its role in strengthening The Hawks’ market position. He also pointed out how this transaction reflects RCP Finance’s growing influence across various sectors and its commitment to delivering tailored financing solutions.

In conclusion, this strategic financing partnership between RCP Finance and The Hawks Pvt Ltd represents a significant step forward, driving growth and enhancing capabilities in the premium fuel distribution sector. It also showcases RCP Finance’s ability to diversify and adapt to the evolving needs of its clients across different industries.

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