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Strategies for a Consistent Campaign Message

1. Social media has become an integral part of our lives, making it crucial for candidates to maintain consistency in their campaign messaging to avoid unplanned and off-track moments being captured and shared.

2. Outrageous statements made by candidates can have a lasting negative impact, as it is nearly impossible to undo the damage once it has been done.

3. To prevent such catastrophes, candidates should use tools like the Tully Message Box to develop and refine their messaging, and make sure to stick to and stay on message.

4. Proper planning, prepping, and practicing are key strategies to ensure consistency in campaign messaging.

5. Planning and prepping should be ongoing throughout all phases of the campaign, while practicing should be a constant to avoid blunders.

6. Candidates should dedicate time to craft personalized messaging and involve their team in the process.

7. Being prepared with talking points and potential questions at every stage of the campaign is just as important as fundraising.

8. Regularly reviewing and refreshing talking points and staying updated on current events is crucial for maintaining consistency in messaging.

9. A well-crafted and genuine message cannot be built in a day, so it is important to start early and involve the whole team in the process.

10. Consistency in campaign messaging is just as important as having a well-organized fundraising strategy for a successful campaign. 

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