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The Growing Need for Data Scientists in Marketing: Solving the ROI Dilemma

In the ever-evolving landscape of marketing, the importance of data management and analysis has become paramount. A recent poll conducted by Aprimo®, a Teradata company and a global leader in cloud-based integrated marketing software, shed light on the challenges faced by marketers in today’s data-driven world. The results of this poll, taken during Aprimo’s 2012 Marketing Summit in Las Vegas, offer valuable insights into the role of Data Scientists and the struggle of marketers to prove their return on investment (ROI).

The Vital Role of Data Scientists

The survey revealed that a staggering 66% of attendees at the Aprimo Marketing Summit 2012 expressed a clear need for ‘Data Scientists‘ to help them effectively manage big data. It’s a testament to the increasing complexity of marketing in the digital age. Marketing professionals often find themselves dealing with an abundance of data-driven insights, making it challenging to gather and integrate this information into their decision-making process. In fact, 38% of respondents mentioned that they already incorporate data-driven insights but face hurdles in the collection and integration process. Surprisingly, more than half admitted to not leveraging big data due to a lack of understanding of where to start.

Jeff Chamberlain, VP of Marketing at Aprimo, highlights the transformative power of data in driving business value. He emphasizes that customer data insights enable better engagement and targeting, ultimately leading to increased sales and improved ROI. However, as data sources expand and customer interactions become multi-channel, the management of data is evolving rapidly. Marketers require quick and easy access to high-quality data, and this can be a daunting task in the face of increasing data consent challenges.

This is where Data Scientists come into play. They serve as invaluable assets, helping businesses make sense of the growing sea of data. Here are the top three reasons why businesses and marketers need Data Scientists:

1. Improved Time Management: Marketers should focus on marketing, not sifting through data. By allocating the task of data analysis to Data Scientists, businesses can ensure that skilled professionals handle the complex data-related work, allowing marketing teams to work more efficiently.

2. Accountability and Structure: Today’s corporate boards demand greater accountability for marketing strategies. Data Scientists are essential for measuring social media and marketing ROI and translating these insights into actionable plans. They provide the structure needed to meet these demands effectively.

3. Sense-Making: Data Scientists excel at deciphering complex data sets. They extract meaningful insights from the vast mosaic of big data, providing a clear picture that guides decision-making.

Collaboration for Success

Marketers cannot navigate the sea of big data alone. To overcome the challenges posed by data analysis, businesses must embrace the new wave of highly skilled Data Scientists. These professionals bring a unique combination of statistical, programming, and communication skills. They can transform raw data into understandable insights, blending art and science to improve marketing strategies.

Meeting the Demand for Data Professionals

The demand for data professionals is surging in parallel with the growth of big data. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of expertise in this field, leaving many companies underutilizing the valuable information at their disposal. Some businesses are also hesitant to recognize the importance of Data Scientists. However, failing to leverage these experts can hinder a company’s progress in the data-driven marketing landscape.

Measuring Marketing Success and Proving ROI

In addition to the need for Data Scientists, more than one-third of the audience at the Aprimo Summit identified proving return on investment as their biggest challenge. In today’s rapidly evolving marketing landscape, justifying marketing spend is more critical than ever. Jeff Chamberlain emphasizes the importance of measuring the impact of marketing spend on the business and connecting marketing efforts to revenue. However, the multitude of marketing channels and the complexity of choosing the right metrics make this a challenging task.


As the world of marketing continues to be reshaped by the data revolution, the need for skilled Data Scientists becomes increasingly evident. These professionals bridge the gap between raw data and actionable insights, enabling businesses to thrive in an era of data-driven decision-making. To truly harness the power of big data, companies need to invest in both the right tools and the right talent, setting themselves up for success in the ever-evolving marketing landscape.

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