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This is Milk Expands Rapidly, Adding 15 New Positions

This is Milk, the Glasgow-based agency founded by entrepreneur Angela Prentner-Smith, is experiencing remarkable growth and a significant restructuring of its team. In less than a year, the agency has more than doubled the size of its workforce, growing from an initial team of 11 to an impressive 26 members, consisting of 17 permanent staff and nine consultants. This remarkable growth spurt has unfolded over the past eight months, marking a critical phase in This is Milk and its transformation into a technology company. Investors in Neve Learning will secure a stake in This is Milk, a company that has consistently doubled its annual turnover over the last three years.

Recognizing their significant contributions to the digital and tech landscape, Angela Prentner-Smith and Chief Technology Officer Piotr Zieliński were recently honored in the prestigious BIMA 100 list, celebrating the UK’s most influential figures in the field.

Angela Prentner-Smith emphasizes that, as the company grows and evolves structurally, it remains committed to a flat organizational structure. This approach not only fosters a psychologically safe and inclusive workplace but also enhances communication, flexibility, and agility. It empowers the team by granting them more responsibility and autonomy, fostering a sense of ownership and accountability that fuels innovation.

This expansion and restructuring are geared to bolster the commercialization of Neve Learning. The platform is designed to be a cloud-based Ed-Tech solution that aids training providers and organizations in delivering inclusive learning experiences. It acknowledges and accommodates the fact that every individual’s brain functions uniquely, aligning with a forward-looking education framework.

Neve Learning is being developed with features and designs that cater to diverse learning styles, including support for neurodivergent characteristics such as Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Autism, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Angela Prentner-Smith underlines the need for growth opportunities by reshaping the organization’s focus to make Neve Learning an integral part of its business strategy.

She states, “Creating a strong, supportive, working environment where colleagues can play to their own strengths whilst still being able to support others and lead in their own areas of expertise is something that we are passionate about.”

David Scott, the Commercial Director at This is Milk, highlights the benefits of expanding the team as the company experiences exponential growth. He points to the rapid development of Neve Learning as a particularly exciting factor driving this expansion.

In addition to its focus on Neve Learning, This is Milk continues to deliver its award-winning core services, including Business Transformation, Service Design, and Digital Strategy. Notably, the introduction of a Psychology Safety Indexing service has been met with enthusiasm by several global clients, underscoring the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

These developments position This is Milk as a dynamic and forward-thinking player in the digital and technology industry, with a strong focus on promoting inclusive learning and employee empowerment.

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