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Wildfire Threatens Athens and Surrounding Areas

Wildfire continues to threaten Athens and the surrounding areas, putting homes and lives at risk. The relentless wildfire has forced widespread evacuations, with emergency responders battling the blaze day and night. The situation remains critical, demanding vigilance and cooperation from all residents and authorities.

A wildfire has rapidly escalated, burning through forests in the area of Dervenochoria, located approximately 30 kilometers north of Athens. According to a fire service official, the blaze has posed a significant threat, including a pig farm in the vicinity.

On another front, a separate fire that had initially broken out on Monday in the village of Kouvaras, about 27 kilometers southeast of Athens, weakened on Tuesday. Fanned by shifting winds, this fire had swiftly spread to coastal towns such as Anavyssos, Lagonisi, and Saronida, forcing residents to evacuate their homes.

Despite efforts to control the situation, 230 firefighters, supported by 76 fire engines and five helicopters, are still actively engaged in managing various spots within the affected area. A Greek fire service official emphasized the continuous fight undertaken by civil protection forces, mentioning that crews have been rotated to combat the fire on multiple fronts.

The impact of the wildfires on the region is significant, with a mayor stating that over 2,800 hectares of land have been reduced to ashes along the coast, where many Athenians own holiday homes.

The consequences of these fires are visible from Athens, where a thick layer of white smoke hangs in the air. Additionally, a third blaze has ignited near the seaside resort of Loutraki, situated approximately 80 kilometers west of the capital.

The Greek meteorological service has issued warnings of a high risk of fire throughout the week, coinciding with the country’s recovery from the first major heatwave of the summer. A second heatwave is forecast for later in the week.

These events evoke memories of the devastating wildfire disaster in 2018, which claimed the lives of 101 people in the seaside town of Mati, located east of Athens. As the Greek authorities work tirelessly to manage the current wildfires, vigilance and preparedness remain essential to protect lives and property in the face of such natural disasters.

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